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Ekskursija-viktorina anglų kalba „Pasislėpęs Miestas“

Tęstinio projekto „Vilniaus miesto 700 Jubiliejui“ 4 dalis.


This year we continue our long-term project ‚In honour of 700th anniversary of Vilnius city‘  launched by the teachers of English Olga Gric and Inna Jefofejeva aiming to raise students‘ awareness and interest in the history of their home town.

On sunny Saturday afternoom October 9th our project participants Ksenija P. 6c, Daniela V. 6d, Taisija K. 6a, Alisa B. 6a, Milana R. 6c, Viktorija and Karolina S. 7b headed for Vilnius city tour „Hidden Vilnius. Part 1“ to discover some Vilnius secrets and solve its puzzles. Their task was not only to learn the city‘s history facts but also to be attentive while walking around the Old Town full of different historic signs and mysteries and searching for its hidden places.


All together we found the remains of the Defensive Wall which surrounded Vilnius in the 16th century, a few of its former gates, streets, towers and other buildings which disappeared with the time. We also visited a secret underground room where boys and girls had to hide during the World War II  and even ‚met‘ some of them thanks to ‚Gatvės Gyvos‘ wall pictures.


The city tour resulted in the team quiz in the French Yard which was carefully researched and described. All the tasks completed, sweet prizes received! Happy weekend!


Looking forward to our next meeting,

Your English teacher Olga G.